July 22, 2022

Bridge handles moulded and stainless steel ex-stock and Online

FDB bridge handles moulded and stainless steel

Here at FDB Panel Fittings we are pleased to now offer different configurations of Bridge handles ex-stock through our Online shop. These handles are shaped for a comfortable grip and to enable sufficient force to be used in opening large doors or carrying equipment.

Moulded types of many sizes in reinforced polyamide with bolt-through fixing or blind rear screws are available - also stainless steel variants are offered for slimline strength and use in arduous conditions.

Bridge style handles are also known as D handles, Bow handles or Pull handles and are used for cabinets, sliding panels and equipment lifting. They are used extensively on kitchen equipment, guards and furniture in catering, building construction, medical/pharmaceutical environments as well as telecom, textiles, workshop and office/domestic applications.