September 08, 2023

Dirak stainless compression latches with round knobs

stainless compression latches with round knobNew Dirak stainless steel compression latches offer a secure and vibration-resistant closure for use in mechanical engineering, transport and similar applications where underfloor flaps, storage lockers etc. must endure harsh environmental conditions, and yet enable keyless operation quickly and reliably - while meeting the need for an external visual status indication.

These IP65/67 latches allow flexible use, especially in outdoor situations, which is enhanced by the fitment of a low-profile round (scalloped) knob of under 10mm height for safety and comfort. This special round knob incorporates a comfortable finger hold pattern in a 43mm dia operating knob which fits into tight spaces or other locations to minimize catching on clothing or other equipment.

Clamping of a full 6mm provides firm gasket seating for excellent protection against ingress of dirt and water or other contaminants as well as ensuring a high degree of resistance to nuisance opening in hostile conditions. A standard short-shaft, fixed length version is offered alongside the long-shaft manually adjustable option with tool-less adjustment by virtue of a knurled wheel to ensure a correct fit between the door and frame.

For further information on these new stainless compression latches with round knobs, please contact FDB Panel Fittings.