November 24, 2023

FDB Electrical DC immune RCDs FDB11 and FDB2

FDB DC immune RCDsNow is usually the time for regular Railway maintenance, moving through the months of summer/autumn to ensure equipment is ready to deal with the demands of winter. This year has been slightly different with intermittent strikes which have put special demands on scheduling of these maintenance and repair works. The FDB Online store has been very helpful in fulfilling availability of the specialist units required throughout this highly variable scheduling period.

The need to update/upgrade electrical systems has put an especial demand on the FDB range of approved Network Rail DC immune protection devices. These include the FDB2 Multiway RCBO which offers 2,3 or 4-way multi-circuit protection in a single enclosure, and features modular construction housings with double pole 110/230V equipment, MCB ratings from 10A to 32A featuring rated trip currents of 20mA, 30mA or 100mA.

FDB11 units in ratings from 10amp to 100amp offer general purpose RCD protection as approved Network Rail DC immune enclosed units with 20 or 30, or 100mA devices. Units conform to relevant RCD and MCB standards.