October 13, 2023

FDB Panel Fittings offer extra sealing for quarter-turn locks

extra sealing for quarter-turn locksSome accessories are more important than others and these plugs, dust caps, covers and flap lids are certainly very important to ensure maximum performance and longevity by offering a simple way to improve the sealing of quarter-turn locks and latches.

They are applicable to new and retrofit installations where it has been found necessary to exclude dirt, water or other contaminants from the external environment. IP ratings of IP65 are offered using high-grade engineering injection moulded materials which are simply folded shut for leakproof protection. Opening is just as simple – just lift to open and gain instant access to the lock or insert for full and free operation.

Typical applications are expected to include arduous outdoor situations, e.g., rail, road transport, agriculture, tunnels, marine, renewable energy and similar.