August 25, 2023

New DIRAK flush compression rotary latches in stainless steel

IP65 rotary compression latchesWe are pleased to announce a new flush-mounted design of compression rotary latch in stainless steel, with precise compression so that they are now rated to IP65 and up to IP69K - for protection from dust and water. Typically, this series is suitable for doors and panels in public places where flush mounting and vibration resistance are important e.g., rail carriages and coaches. These are situations often requiring visual indication of opened/closed position – which is beneficially provided on the housing edge and the insert.

Sealing of the latch is achieved with an integral O ring that is fitted with the bevelled nut so that water or dust that collects on the installation surface cannot penetrate through the latch. A simple 90 deg. rotation is required to close the latch and a further 90 deg. rotation to achieve a full 6mm compression. A variant is also available with toolless cam depth adjustment to ensure optimum closure and gasket pull down.

For further information on these new flush compression rotary latches in stainless steel, please contact FDB Panel Fittings.