May 26, 2023

New Dirak Over-Centre Toggle Latches with slider release or padlock facility

Over centre latchesThese new DIRAK over-centre toggle latches offer slider release or padlocking operation, and feature a stainless-steel toggle loop. They provide a high retaining force with low manual effort, simply by tightening two spring loaded components together and locking them.

The new 7-320.01 series features a release slider in AISI 304 or red ABS with raised thumb pad for easy operation while the padlockable variant includes a 5mm eyelet for use where access control is required.

Over-centre toggle catches of this type are widely used on furniture, cabinets, packaging cases and access panels in low security areas, where there is a need to protect contents from the environment and provide a simple means of closure so that personnel can self-protect, while offering a low cost solution with rapid operation and firm fixing.