April 10, 2023

New Over-Centre Toggle Latches

FDB/DIRAK over-centre toggle latchesThese new DIRAK over-centre toggle latches offer a high retaining force with low manual effort, simply by tightening two spring loaded components together and locking them: This is what the clip-on PA Over Center Toggle Latch 6-240 provides, plus tool-less installation. The stainless steel variant 7-320 with push button unlocking is also said to be very impressive and the latch 7-320.01 features an additional spring clamp.

Over-centre toggle catches of this type are useful for enclosure doors, machine access panels, equipment housings, packing cases and other similar applications where low cost with rapid operation and firm closure are required. In particular the 6-240 Polyamide (PA) Secure toggle latch saves time and assembly costs with clip-in toolless assembly to provide secure clamping via the over-centre mechanism which offers a max. closing force of 250N. When used on sheet metal thicknesses from 1.2 to 3mm assembly is a simple three step process:

  1. Guide the closing hook and the latch under the door panel and clip them in place.
  2. Hook the latch into the closing hook.
  3. Press the latch down and tighten it.

7-320 and 730.01 in stainless steel offer attractive aesthetics combined with vibration-proof operation and quick push button release – a padlockable version is also available for situations where additional security is required. Contact us for further information.