June 24, 2022

Pinet hinges with parallelogram links from the Online store

FDB Pinet hinges with parallelogram links

We are pleased to offer concealed, internal hinges from Pinet with parallelogram links as typically used in small cabinets or wall-mounted enclosures. These are now available from the Online store for applications where it is required to keep the door within the width of the body when opened. The parallelogram design offers a compact installation with a 90 to 125 degree opening.

These hinges feature parallelogram links in steel, aluminium and stainless steel - for rugged use or corrosion resistance. Fixing is with screws so they are suitable for thick doors and cabinet walls.

Also in the range is a pair of 7 axis 110 degree opening hinges especially for horizontal use with upward-opening door panels – e.g. for overhead locker type cabinets that are mounted high up, so the door can be lifted out of the way to provide clear access.