February 08, 2024

Quarter Turns – Thousands of possible combinations simplified with Rocfast assembly

Thousands of combinationsOur team here at FDB Panel Fittings have calculated that there are now over 116,000 possible combinations of standard components available at the Online store. The list includes bodies in zinc die chrome, zinc die black, polyamide black, 316 stainless steel, handle inserts – T and L, star knobs, wing knobs, spanner locks, with multiple types of tabs and cams.

As well as supplying standard inserts, we are delighted to also supply handle inserts which turn a standard quarter-turn latch/lock into a handle. These include T-Handles, L-Handles, Star Knobs and Wing Knobs in various styles, plus for locks used in dusty environments we offer dust caps, and finger pulls for easy opening of panels.

The Online store offers customers an easy-to-use sourcing tool including accessories such as serrated lock washers for applications where the securing nut may become loose and earth (grounding) nuts which have sharp protrusions intended to cut through the painted coating on the metalwork. A novel addition is the low cost slide-shoe which helps provide a positive compression, and reduces the friction and paint damage caused by constant operation.

Also available at the Online store is our Rocfast assembly and logistics service which guides component selection to supply fully assembled locks or packaging kits and delivering to production or installation site. The Rocfast assembly service offers to provide specifiers with a quick and simple means of getting the exact quarter-turns they need, to the specification they choose, pre-assembled and delivered on time.