February 12, 2023

Standard cams ex-stock in double and triple point designs for rod systems

FDB Cams and RodlocksWe are delighted to announce that our Online store can make the installation of cabinet hardware simple and efficient by offering a wide range of standard ex-stock cams and rod sets in single, double and triple point configuration. These options enable assemblers/installers to match closure hardware to varying depths of door/frame and sizes of door in order to ensure a proper IP seal, with multi-point rod closure where required. Whether closing a wall-mounted enclosure or a free-standing cabinet then a latching cam of some sort will be required – in the latter case usually a three-point latch is used to enable interfacing with a simple rod locking mechanism, which allows multi-point closure and more even gasket compression. Rods are also available from the Online store in varying lengths from 400mm to 1200mm (with/without rollers) to suit typical cabinet heights.

Our team point out that their extensive range of single/double and triple-point cams may be easily selected and assembled through the FDB Rocfast assembly and logistics program. This program at its simplest provides component information via a tabulated guide which informs re-compatibility. Should a greater level of advice be required then this is offered by phone or email to ensure the correct fit. The Rocfast program also offers assembly at the Panel Fittings workshop plus delivery in custom production packs, if desired they can be packed with other hardware components such as hinges for example.