May 28, 2022

Variable Earth Leakage Protection Relays

VEF2 variable earth leakage protection relay from FDB Electrical
We are pleased to offer our VEF series of Variable earth leakage protection relays at our Online store. Read more ...

May 20, 2022

Enclosure gaskets to fit frame edges ex-stock and Online

Enclosure gaskets to fit frame edges ex-stock and Online from FDB Panel Fittings
These Clip-on profiles now available from our Online store combine the characteristics of edge protection profiles and sealing profiles. Read more ...

May 13, 2022

Big handle selection offered Online

FDB Bridge handles
We are aware that the term "handle" covers a wealth of types and styles - which is why we carry stock in depth with listing of 99 at our Online store for urgent delivery. Read more ...

May 06, 2022

Cabinet gasket to fit door and frame channels

FDB enclosure gasket to fit channels
These popular channel gaskets are commonly used to fit a channel on an enclosure frame or door where the hollow section seals against flat mounting surface and tightens into the channel when compressed, to increase sealing. Read more...

April 29, 2022

D-Snap® technology joiners, locks, handles, swinghandles and hinges

Snapline fasteners from FDB Panel Fittings
Snap-line fasteners and joiners featuring the innovative D-Snap® technology offer Tool-less installation with no mounting hardware required. They are suitable for joining panels in order to construct enclosures, desks and other custom housings. Read more ...

April 23, 2022

Dirak Swinghandle with combination lock and key cylinder

Dirak Swinghandle with combination lock and key cylinder from FDB Panel Fittings
This new swinghandle introduction is a welcome new offering. It provides the benefits of two factor mechanical authorisation, along with IP65 sealing protection for installations where extra security is required. Read more ...

April 16, 2022

Stainless steel swinghandles

Stainless steel IP65 swinghandle from FDB Panel Fittings
We notice a particular trend toward stainless steel hardware, and are delighted that we can offer a selection of swinghandles in AISI 316 to IP65 with one variant especially offering anti-vandal characteristics. Read more ...

April 08, 2022

Stainless Steel continuous/piano hinges for heavy panels

FDB Continuous-Piano hinges for heavy panels
Our stainless steel continuous/piano hinges in 1800mm lengths with 30 mm and 25 mm widths to provide full height support for heavy panels. Read more ...

April 01, 2022

FDB11 - DC immune RCBOs available ex-stock

FDB11s DC immune ex-stock
FDB Electrical have a range of DC immune RCBOs available ex-stock - our FDB11 series can be ordered from our Online store for urgent delivery. Read more ...

March 25, 2022

Wing handles to IP65

FDB stainless wing knob
Our rapid service Online store now includes IP65 wing handles in zinc die, polyamide and stainless steel for quarter turn latching and keylocking - also for padlocks. Read more ...