September 15, 2023

Wingknobs now even tighter to IP66/7/9

high IP wingknobs
This new Dirak design has redesigned seals  enabling them to even meet the requirements of protection ratings IP67 and IP69. Read more......

September 08, 2023

Dirak stainless compression latches with round knobs

round knob stainless compression latches
New Dirak stainless steel compression latches offer a secure and vibration-resistant closure for use in mechanical engineering, transport and similar applications where underfloor flaps, storage lockers etc. must endure harsh environmental conditions, and yet enable keyless operation quickly and reliably. Read more.......

September 01, 2023

Soft close dampening hinges

soft close aluminium hinges
Soft close dampening hinges can address a common problem with enclosure doors or access panels on equipment by gently supporting them in the open position while servicing internal systems takes place. Read more.....

August 25, 2023

New DIRAK flush compression rotary latches in stainless steel

Rotary compression latches
We are pleased to announce a new flush-mounted design of compression rotary latch in stainless steel, with precise compression so that they are now rated to IP65 and up to IP69K - for protection from dust and water. Read more......

August 18, 2023

Yes you can put a handle on it!

FDB Panel Fittings bridge handles
We have excellent stocks of bridge handles at our Online Store – ready for urgent delivery – this is important because the handle is often the last item to be fitted to a lot of equipment. Read more.......

August 11, 2023

Swinghandles for everything

FDB swinghandles
Swinghandles are now the goto design for high quality cabinets – they are secure, easy to install and use, while being extra safety conscious – and available in many variants to operate rod lock systems, allow use of dual keys, include gasket compression and anti-vibration features. Read more.......

August 04, 2023

New Safety Latch Locks from DIRAK

Safety latch locks from FDB panel fittings
New DIRAK safety slam latch locks from FDB are designed and constructed to be sturdy and durable, making them especially well-suited for outdoor applications. They enable flaps or doors to be reliably locked on bicycle garages, parcel drop boxes and waste container enclosures, etc. simply by slamming them shut. Read more......

July 28, 2023

High-quality latches, hinges and other fitting technology for demanding applications

 compression latchWe are delighted to offer high-quality latches, hinges and other fitting technology for demanding applications from our sales partner Dirak. Read more.....

July 23, 2023

Food processing industry clean locking hardware

food industry locking hardware
We can now offer a range of clean locking solutions for the secure closure of housings and equipment in the food processing industries where regular pressure washing is a normal requirement. Read more........

July 13, 2023

Gasket options for enclosures

FDB gasket profiles
Our Online store now has an ex-stock selection of profile sections for urgent delivery to suit door sealing and window installations. Read more....