December 01, 2023

New Dirak Levelling feet

new levelling feet
We were so impressed with these new levelling feet from our sales partner DIRAK that we thought they warranted a deeper look – so here we go – Read more.......

November 24, 2023

FDB Electrical DC immune RCDs FDB11 and FDB2

FDB DC immune RCDs
The FDB range of approved Network Rail DC immune protection devices. These include the FDB2 Multiway RCBO which offers 2,3 or 4-way multi-circuit protection in a single enclosure, also the FDB11 units in ratings from 10amp to 100amp which offer general purpose RCD protection. Read more......

November 17, 2023

The stylish Swinghandle – a flexible solution

FDB Online swinghandles
 for cabinets and large enclosures have always been a stylish solution to provision of low profile locking with good leverage for multi-point rod locking systems Read more........

November 10, 2023

Online hardware ex-stock for urgent delivery

FDB Online hardware for urgent delivery
It is great that our Online store is proving a valuable resource to panel builders and installers now that UK manufacturing industry is in a growth phase once again. The FDB Online store features an extensive range of locks, swinghandles, hinges, handles, sealing gaskets, rod locks, door stays and other enclosure/cabinet accessories.  Read more........

November 03, 2023

Traditional T and L style cabinet and enclosure handles

Traditional T and L style handles from FDB Panel Fittings
Traditional T and L style cabinet and enclosure handles
 have been a mainstay of the housing hardware market for the duration of living memory but there are additional developments – like stainless steel varients for hygiene areas. Read more .........

October 27, 2023

Stainless compression latches with wing knob inserts

compression wingknobs
New stainless steel compression latches to IP65/67 allow flexible use, especially in outdoor situations where their wing knob inserts enable quick and easy operation even with a gloved hand. Read more.......

October 20, 2023

Handles, handles, handles from our Online store

We are delighted that our Online store can offer a wide range of handles (locking and non-locking) in zinc diecast, polyamide or stainless steel. This includes swing handles, lever and tee handles and wing handles. Read more......

October 13, 2023

FDB Panel Fittings offer extra sealing for quarter-turn locks

extra sealing for locks and latches
These plugs, dust caps, covers and flap lids are certainly very important to ensure maximum performance and longevity by offering a simple way to improve the sealing of quarter-turn locks and latches. Read more here........

September 29, 2023

FDB Online Sales Partners for enclosure hardware

FDB Online Sales Partners for enclosure hardware
Our focus is always on providing the widest range of top quality products from leading manufacturers worldwide to our customers, a simple quarter turn lock to multi-point anti-vandal swinghandles, concealed hinges to piano hinge, foam gasketing to RFI sealing, L handles to Tee handles, polyamide to stainless steel. Read more.........

September 28, 2023

Panel Fittings handles – bridge, bow, grab, lift and “D” styles

Panel Fittings Handles
We are pleased to announce that our Online store now has an extensive stock of handles for doors, drawers, panels, equipment and cases from a range of manufacturers, in various materials. Read more.......