July 07, 2023

Simple solutions to 2D and 3D hinge alignment

2D and 3D adjustable hinges
We are pleased to present a new visible 2D adjustable hinge for nested doors from sales partner Dirak which is designed to save time and simplify correct alignment of larger doors in order to achieve proper aesthetics and optimum sealing. Read more ........

June 30, 2023

Wingknobs – a convenient and lower cost alternative

FDB Panel Fittings wingknobs
Wingknobs in zinc die and stainless steel are available form our Online store with IP65 and IP66 sealing and offer a convenient alternative to ordinary quarter turn locks or latches. Read more.....

June 23, 2023

New toggle latch in polyamide with tool-less assembly

new clip-in latch
This new Dirak 6-240 over-centre toggle latch in polyamide offers a low cost and very quick way to install this convenient unit which can be push fit into matched rectangular pre-punched holes in the frame and door/access panel. Read more....

June 16, 2023

Pr05 180° Stainless Steel Hinge (1.5 or 2.00 mm door thickness)

180 deg stainless steel hinge
This 180° Stainless Steel Hinge is available in variants to suit single cabinets with a surface mounted door of 1.5 or 2.00 mm thickness in RH or LH application. Read more....

June 10, 2023

New Over-Centre Toggle Latches in stainless steel

toggle latches
The new Dirak 7-320 series toggle latches offer secure tightening and locking of twin components in AISI 304 stainless steel with anti-vibration performance by virtue of the dead centre override, and push button release available from standard. Read more.....

June 02, 2023

Earth line protection devices – components and complete housings

Earth protection devices
We are delighted that our Online Store can offer customers urgent supply of  components for panel mounting in the configuration of specialist earth line protection panels and for complete panels if required. Read more ......

May 26, 2023

New Dirak Over-Centre Toggle Latches with slider release or padlock facility

toggle latches
These new DIRAK over-centre toggle latches offer slider release or padlocking operation, and feature a stainless-steel toggle loop. They provide a high retaining force with low manual effort, simply by tightening two spring loaded components together and locking them. Read more....

May 19, 2023

Panel Fittings for every enclosure

FDB Panel Fittings for every panel
If you are in need of a handle, a hinge or a sealing strip to match an existing installation or hardware to complete a new project then please check out the rest of our Online Store and/or give us a callRead more...........

May 12, 2023

Components for the mechanical engineering environment and protective security solutions

components for the mechanical engineering environment and protective security solutions
We are pleased to announce that we now offer a full range of DIRAK hardware components for the mechanical engineering environment, and as protective security solutions, many of which are now available ex-stock online for urgent delivery. Read more.......

May 05, 2023

Compression lever latches Online

Our sales partner DIRAK has developed flat Compression Lever Latches that are a snap to install: They are also vibration-proof - for lighter applications, we can also offer the clip-in version made of PA  Read more..........