January 06, 2023

Enclosure and cabinet seals and gaskets

FDB gaskets and seals from our Online store
At our Online store we offer specialist gasket, sealing profiles, window sealing and associated accessories for virtually all industrial applications, this includes cabinets and enclosures for controls, distribution, HVAC and specialist vehicles. Read more.....

December 30, 2022

Traditional L and T handles

Traditional in style the L and T handles available from our Online store are ex-stock to help with those urgent panel builds that require the operational feel of a traditional handle. They are suited for installations of electrical panels and many other industrial applications to office storage cabinets. Read more...........

December 22, 2022

Power Protection and Earth monitoring devices and panels

FDB Power Protection panel
Our Online Store has a selection of panel mounting components and complete enclosed panels which enable power protection systems to be assembled in locations from industrial sites to institutions and military bases. Read more.....

December 15, 2022

Compression latches delivered assembled up to IP67 - stainless steel, matched with inserts, bodies and cams, with Rocfast

Compression latches
The FDB Panel Fittings ex-stock Online store now offers our Rocfast assembly and logistics service for compression locks up to IP67 in stainless steel. This enables correct and time saving assembly of compression locks with inserts, bodies and cams ready for instant installation to the cabinet of choice Read more.......

December 09, 2022

Merry Christmas - see our holiday dates

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - we look forward to working with you next year.

December 02, 2022

FDB Panel Fittings Cams for quarter turns and L/T handles to suit different depths of door frame

Matching the offset of a cam with the lock body length is crucial to success of any enclosure installation – a process that we can ease for customers by offering the Rocfast assembly/logistics program. Read more ........

November 25, 2022

New Dirak iLOQ S50 half cylinder swinghandle, addresses remote installation secure access

Electronic security
The new iLOQ S50 half cylinder cleverly addresses issues of remote security by offering a batteryless lock, powered and operated by a smartphone and the iLOQ app. Read more.........

November 18, 2022

Adapter for round rods (for use with 90° Rod redirect adapter for multi-point locking system)

round rod 90 deg adapter
Multi-point rod locking is a great way to add security and sealing to larger cabinets - this 90 deg adapter enables additional closure points - by operating from the one central quarter turn locking mechanism. For Quarter-Turns with insert GL 18mm and swinghandles for round rods Ø8mm. Read more......

November 11, 2022

Online store expands Bridge handles ex-stock range with urgent delivery

FDB Bridge handles
Our Online store now provides a convenient single source for enclosure hardware both ex-stock and for urgent delivery – typical of these components is the recently expanded range of Bridge handles - also known as D handles, Pull handles, Grab handles and Bow handles Read more......

November 05, 2022

Concealed hinges for industrial enclosures

The stock profile at our Online store includes many hinges for concealed use on enclosures and cabinets whether as screwed-on types or for welding prior to paint. Other types are suitable for storage cabinets or for thick doors where they may be fitted into the door edge.